Congratulations! You are now eligible to apply for citizenship. The Naturalization process can be complicated, more specifically, different rules apply to different people. Although for many immigrants naturalization becomes a reality and they begin to enjoy the benefits offered by citizenship (e.g. the right to vote and faster visa processing times), for others, it can become a nightmare for various reasons, such as the inability to pass English and Civics tests, excessive travel in and out of the U.S., or criminal convictions. If you have criminal convictions, applying for citizenship can be risky and may result in the loss of your permanent resident status.

In addition, derivative citizenship is available to certain aliens, naturalized by their parent or parents, for whom citizenship is automatically conferred by law. Often, consideration of derivation and acquisition of citizenship through the parent(s) becomes important if you have no other form of deportation benefits, or if, for example, you have committed an aggravated felony while holding a green card for a long time.

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