Dallas-Fort Worth Divorce Modification Attorneys

Have your parental circumstances materially or substantially changed either because of job loss, illness or job promotion? If so, you MUST formally request that the court review your prior divorce decree and modify the terms accordingly to conform to the new circumstances. For example, if your financial circumstances have been materially or substantially affected by factors beyond your control (e.g. a layoff), the court may approve a temporary change in alimony and/or maintenance.

Generally, the Texas court that issued the prior order to be modified has the exclusive power to modify, clarify, and enforce its orders and decrees. However, there are circumstances in which a different court, a new court, may modify another court’s order. This type of relief is complex and involves the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act (UCCJEA).

Our Dallas Fort Worth Divorce Modification attorneys are here to provide you with cost-effective representation when dealing with family changes that necessitate a modification in a family matter. Our team of family law attorneys will make sure you understand all the tools you have to enforce the provisions of a Final Decree of Divorce or other family-related orders.

Dallas-Fort Worth Divorce Decree Enforcement Lawyers

We sympathize with the frustrations that arise when a former spouse and/or the parent of your child fails to pay child support or allow you to visit your child as ordered. Our legal experts will help you.

An individual who violates the provisions of a court order, including an order to pay child support or to authorize visitation by the parent, may be subject to the following: (1) ordered to pay attorney’s fees, (2) found in contempt, (3) imprisoned, and/or (4) fined, filed an application and enforcement hearing. We recommend, and will file such applications with the court when (1) your child’s parent fails to pay child support, (2) an ex-spouse fails to follow the provisions of a court order regarding division of property, (3) an ex-spouse fails to pay certain bills, and (4) your child’s parent refuses to allow custody and visitation of your child.

Whether it involves modification of a previously issued child custody and support order or enforcement, K&M’s experienced family law attorneys are here to provide you with legal advice and personal attention to your needs.

Please contact one of our Dallas-Fort Worth spousal maintenance attorneys and we encourage you to contact the family law experts at K&M for a free initial consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss and recommend the best way to protect your rights.