Juvenile Crimes Dallas-Fort Worth Juvenile Lawyer

When your children are accused of a crime, it not only affects them, but it can traumatize an entire family. This is especially true if the child has been charged with a sex crime, assault, or even murder. The way these cases are handled will have severe consequences on the child’s future. In Texas, juvenile laws are set forth in the Texas Family Code; however, this is no reason to take such charges lightly. Criminal charges as a juvenile, whether they are underage drinking, assault or battery, date rape, weapons charges, robbery, or a sex offense can have lasting effects and penalties for your future.

Texas defines “juveniles” as minors – over the age of 10 and under the age of 17. The juvenile system is designed to emphasize the rehabilitation of the juvenile offender, as opposed to the adult system designed to punish. In many cases, the terminology of the juvenile system takes a softer approach as well. For example, a juvenile is referred to as “involved,” not as a defendant as it would be in the criminal system.

In most circumstances, a juvenile’s adjudication or disposition record is eligible for sealing, while an adult’s only has the option of total expungement or set-aside under limited circumstances. At the end of the day, the goal of the juvenile court is to focus on the best interests of the juvenile and determine what services or protections are required to protect the juvenile and those around him or her.

K&M’s experienced juvenile defense attorneys will assist you by negotiating with the prosecutor to reduce charges, if possible, in order to minimize your costs.

At K&M, we regularly handle cases involving juveniles charged with crimes and are dedicated to helping those families of juveniles charged with juvenile offenses. Not every attorney can work with juvenile defendants – it requires a combination of compassion and knowledge of the inner workings of the law to achieve the best results.

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