Dallas Lawyers Specializing in International Child Custody and Abductions

If your child has been abducted and taken across an international border, our office may be able to help. The Hague Convention assists parents of children in fighting for the best interests of their children, ensuring their well-being and protecting the rights of the parents.

The Hague Convention is an important legal mechanism to use in the return of children to the country from which they were wrongfully removed.

Regardless of whether the Hague Convention applies, K&M attorneys will fight for the best interests of your children whether they were wrongfully removed from the United States or wrongfully brought to the United States.

There are several steps to initiating a Hague Convention case if your child has been abducted. Generally, it begins with the preparation of a formal Hague Application through the Department of State, which in itself is very important because the application and supporting documents increase the chance of returning your child to his or her proper residence.

We can help if you have been accused of removing your child from the country of habitual residence or retaining your child in another country.

There are defenses that can be asserted against allegations of wrongful removal of children under the Hague Convention. Time is of the essence, therefore, it is important to hire the right attorney to fight these allegations. Call us today to schedule a consultation. We are available 24/7.