Hit By Drunk Driver

Dallas -Fort Worth Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Increasingly, alcohol is becoming a factor in Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex car or truck accidents. Surprisingly, more and more drivers who are tested for drugs or alcohol are found to be intoxicated, even when the inability to drive was not evident.

A DWI accident can result in very serious injuries that must be properly treated. After such a serious accident, many find themselves wondering how they will pay for their medical bills, cover their lost wages, and deal with the long-term effects of financial loss. At K&M, our Drunk Driving Accident Attorney will assist you in getting the money to pay for these expenses.

Texas law recognizes the seriousness of a drunk driver’s conduct. For example, Texas law establishes liability for bars in cases where a licensed alcohol vendor continues to provide alcohol to an obviously intoxicated patron who subsequently injures a third party. The drunk driver may also be liable for punitive damages – damages designed and assessed to punish people who cause a DWI accident.

Because insurance companies aggressively defend drunk driving and drugged driving cases, you will need an experienced Drunk Driving Accident Attorney to file your claims. Insurance companies will do everything in their power to negotiate your case for less than you are entitled to receive. The drunk driving lawyers at K&M will fight on your behalf and for victims’ rights in the courtroom.

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