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Spousal Support Attorney

What used to be known as “alimony” is now more commonly referred to as spousal maintenance or support, and it is no longer an automatic part of the divorce process. In order to be awarded spousal maintenance by the Court, a spouse must meet the criteria as outlined in the Texas Family Code. The criteria include, among other things, earning potential of the spouse, disability, whether the spouse has been a victim of domestic abuse by the other person, and several other things. It is not an easy issue to contemplate or negotiate, especially when you are in the middle of the divorce process with all of its other attendant emotional difficulties. A Carrollton spousal support attorney can help you navigate this difficult situation.
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Working with a Carrollton Spousal Support Attorney

At K &M, we understand the importance of and the need for spousal maintenance, and we know that the amount of spousal support must be proper and accurate whether you are paying or receiving spousal support. Our experienced team of legal experts can help you with the enforcement of the spousal support to make sure that the spouse ordered to pay spousal support stays current on the payments.

Contact a Carrollton spousal support attorney at K&M.

Call us so we can discuss your marital situation, assess the possibility of spousal support (to seek it on your behalf or determine what your exposure might be) to discuss and recommend to you how best you can protect your rights.