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Divorce Decree Modification & Enforcement

Working with a Carrollton Divorce Lawyer.

Sometimes a divorce decree is not the end of the story. The divorce decree may contain terms that survive it, requiring one spouse to do or continue an activity over time, like the maintenance of a life insurance policy for the benefit of the children or completing the sale or transfer of a property and releasing assets or other things. If you are in a situation where there terms of your divorce have not been complied with or have not been completed, a Carrollton divorce lawyer can help.

Contact a Carrollton divorce lawyer at K&M.

At K&M, we understand that situations don’t always get resolved cleanly and neatly all at once or at the moment the decree is signed by a judge. Life is messy and so can divorce be. Rather than struggle with communicating with your ex or battling over the uncompleted or unfulfilled terms of your divorce, contact us. It will be our job to fight for what remains to be done on your behalf and ease your stress in this challenging situation, once the divorce has already been completed.